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When you list a job with, we intend to help you find the talent you need. We know how hard it is in the Grande Prairie market to find qualified employees.

If at the end of 30 days you have been unable to fill your position, simply contact us within 30 days after the conclusion of your listing for a resolution: we're happy to either list the position for another 30 days on us, or refund your money.

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A message from the founder.

Todd Smith-Salter
Todd Smith-Salter

As a former manager of a retail box store, I know how hard it can be to find employees. In Grande Prairie, connecting with a lot of quality people is exceptionally difficult.

The job market in Grande Prairie has been declared the best city in Canada to find a job. We also live and work in the most entreprenuerial city in Canada.

Since we're all starting businesses, we need more of the most precious resource needed for a successful business: employees.

I created to help business owners like myself and many of my friends, who are seeking people to help them achieve their business goals and dreams. I want everyone of us business people to have the resources at our disposal to succeed, and people are the most important resource.

In short, my vision is to connect talented workers with great companies and work opportunities. This is the reason this site exists.

All this being said is to solidify the fact that if can't help you get the right candidates, I don't want your money. I want to you to be fully satisfied, no matter your experience.

If you're not completely satisfied, please request a reposting or refund by replying to any of the emails we send you about your posting, contact support at, or email me directly.

So, post a job. I guarantee you've got nothing to lose.

Todd Smith-Salter
Founder and Lead Developer
todd {at} centerdrive {dot} ca